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On this page you can find information about our published maps for Minecraft Java Edition. Each of them with promotion screenshots, texts, images, videos and also look behind texts (behind a spoiler warning).

Soo many peoples are playing our maps and recorded it for YouTube. We are really proud of it. We linked some of them at our YouTube channel. Also there are many comments at the posts around the web. You can find them at the download posts and YouTube, but we wanted to create this page to show some highlights!

In our maps you find some easter eggs. If you played them all you have seen the special room 6. They are all the same: You will see the carpet in all our maps. An other easter egg is Professor Icy, he is the villian in all our stories. So keep your eyes open.

We hope you enjoy browsing and reading,
warco311, christina_12 and MaxLoewe

Overview of Maps

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Puzzle with Squares

2020 Minigame-Map 1 Player and more spectators

This map is a simple puzzle minegame about squares for one player. You have to move colored squares to the right target with using the walk keys and control items in your inventory.

For interested players, there is also an editor to create other levels.

Up to four squares, four targets and one cursor. Solve the level!

Inside the map you can also find out, how the map is working in the background.

The squares can be moved and redirected.

We added a level editor, so you can build endless levels for your friends!

Download and Play now

The newest version is Puzzle with Squares 1.3 for Minecraft 1.16.

You can find walkthrough information inside the download.

Reviews and Recordings

Show us your levels!

Reviews coming soon!

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

This Minecraft minigame is based on an old browser game by Andrey Shevchuk (see warco311 recently found this game in his browser favorites and started to remake inside Minecraft. The special thing is, that the Minecraft variant also used the same view from top to the board like the original one.

Together with MaxLoewe an editor was added, the game was smoothed to be released as a Minecraft map and a special level pack was constructed. christina_12 did some testing and gave us first feedback.

The squares are implemented with armor stands and texture pack adjustments. Here you can see the playing ground without texture pack.

This is a screenshot from the beginning of the map. There was only one level stack, no texture pack and no walls around.

A nearly fully working version, but without all the scenery and polishing stuff. Ready to play, but not ready to publish.

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The Twist Labs (Remastered)

2019 Adventure/Puzzle-Map 2 Player Coop 17.807 Downloads

The Twist Labs (Remastered) is an adventure and puzzle map for two players. The players are going through many different rooms with puzzles, parkours, mazes and an exciting story. They have to work together in cooperation to reach the end of each room.

The map is a remake and upgrade for the latest Minecraft version. We saw many players enjoy the old version of the map, so we upgraded it. We looked at each room and upgraded them for better buildings, smoother logic and we used Update Aquatic features, especially for the rooms from the prismarine lab.

An exciting day of playing many exciting Minecraft adventure maps is coming to an end and you're going to sleep. But then suddenly everything is different.

Your dream becomes a new adventure, but is this really possible? Why is so much familiar to you? Will your friendship survive this adventure?

Face the challenge and show what you can do. A journey through the (map-) experiences of the past.

We made a trailer to show some frames from inside the game with tag words to promote the map.

A room from the jungle temple with many husks.

A scenery from the ice lab, used inside the cutscreens.

The big cave, where the players have to count and find items.

You can see all the cool new stuff from "Update Aquatic" here.

A cutscreen in the jungle temple setting.

Jump'n'Run inside rooms from the ice lab.

Jump'n'Run inside rooms from the prismarine lab.

Now go to sleep and begin your journey!

Download and Play now

The newest version is The Twist Labs (Remastered) 2.11 for Minecraft 1.16.

Reviews and Recordings

The feedback we received confirms that it was the right decision to remaster the map!

Great map, I played this with my friend today and we very enjoyed our time. I give you my compliments :)
Great map! We had to cheat a bit at times but it was really fun otherwise. I was blown away by the dream sequences, so cool.
I just finished this map with a friend and omg it was so fun.
My friend and I loved this map. It took us around 4hrs due to some technical stuff and maybe a hint of cheating but it was super fun and entertaining to play. Thank you so much.
This map is awesome me and my friend just played it and really enjoyed it. although some of the puzzles we found quite hard but the rest flowed really well.

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

To achieve best performance and workflow, we built a scripting layer to enable us to have better control about the transition animations between each of the world and extracted all the command logic into mcfunction-files.

So we removed all the command blocks and did a full rewrite of the logic.

Here you see many command blocks with all the logic vs. just some trigger command blocks.

Here you can see the lobby and the home buildings from top. When looking on this, the feeling of beeing inside this story is gone, right? Yes, it's all just half buildings and scenery.

Transformations of rooms are done by copying structures from outside to the inside of a room. You can see the intact as well as the broken ceiling and desks. While the explosion is running with particles, the structure is swapped.

A look from top to two ice, two jungle and one prismarine room. Around them you can see some scenery for the twists.

The remake of the map uses the latest blocks from the "Update Aquatic". Now we can use corals and underwater plants and also have better atmosphere inside the water. This is a huge improvement. And the new turtles and dolphines make this place move lovely.

We added some more details to all the rooms.

A bit more twisted and dangerous.

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2018 Minigame-Map 2-4 Player and more spectators 5.920 Downloads

MineBoatRace is funny minigame for up to 4 racers and more spectators.

Are you delighted by a neat and jolly boat race?

Welcome to our MineBoatRace with ingenious game mechanics, sequences and racing features. Experience with up to four friends many different tracks with different themes and designs and win the golden crown! Shock or brake your rivals with items - but watch out for lanes you aren't permitted to pass.

In this playful Minecraft minigame, up to four players compete in boats and duel in speed and driving skills. Optionally, any number of other players can spectate!

We made a trailer to show all the available tracks to promote the map.

Track Abandoned World

Track Ride Through the Nether

Track Big Mineshaft

Track Prismarine Monument

Track In the Ice Biome

Track Through the Jungle

Track The End City

Track Through the Galaxy

Win the golden Crown!

Download and Play now

The newest version is MineBoat Race 1.7 for Minecraft 1.16.

Reviews and Recordings

This map was promoted by the Minecraft Realms team and had the title screen of a post entry on

Some reviews:

Thanks for sharing your awesome map! I'm gonna try it with my friends in a realm.
this looks great!

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

A minigame is a very command heavy project. So we have to find code for all the sequences, player trackings, result lists, player disconnects and special items. Also we did have a look at the performance, so it is a fast-paced fun.

After having the commands and a testing track, we build many different sceneries to have a variety of fun.

We started back in 2016 with our first version of MineBoatRace in Minecraft 1.9. Initially we used many command blocks for all the technical stuff. Each of these command chains is one function like "countdown", "check split lines" or "show result". Looks like a mess, right?

But then we switched to functions files. Minecraft 1.12 introduced external files, where we can put all the commands. So now each command chain is inside a file and we can better structure our code. A second thing is, that function files are faster than redstone blocks.

In a next step we pushed it even further. With Minecraft 1.13 and "tick.json" we were able to remove all the command blocks and have all logic inside our code base. That's really cool to keep track of all logic. Only some helper entities and build-tools remained inside the map.

This is the outside view of the lobby. Yes, it's a flying mess of blocks outside of the players view. In the background you can see our two short testing tracks.

The track Prismarine Monument from top.

The track Abandoned World from top.

The track The End City from top.

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The Twist Labs

2017 Adventure/Puzzle-Map 2 Player Coop 52.853 Downloads

The Twist Labs has various puzzles, parkours, mazes, animations and an exciting story. It's a mashup from our previous three Maps. The players travel through three different world settings with cool scenery, presenting themselves to different quests. You don't only need your brain but also your hands to play through the different worlds.

Tired, after a long day you go to bed - but this time everything seems different. What's actually a dream turns out to be an exciting happening. Why are you caught in the same dream? Why is so much known to you? Will your friendship last?

A journey through the (map-) experiences of the past.

Download and Play now

The newest version is The Twist Labs 1.1 for Minecraft 1.12. We recommend to play the remastered version!

Reviews and Recordings

Yeah! This map i very good and me and my friend like it very much!
The map is very well done. The special effect is coherent with the time of pubblication of map.The levels are original, I have never seen that enigms. Also of the point of view of costruction is a very good map. Congratulation to the creator of the map.
Hello creators of this map! I want to say that "The Twist Labs" one of my favourite map I've ever player. I enjoyed it with my sister. I hope We'll see new great maps from you. Thank you!
The best 2 player map that we played in our life. More than 6 hours playing it.

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

We wanted to create a best-of of our previous map, so we made a list of the coolest rooms and rebuild it into an new map. Also we added more dangerous things like hostile mobs to match the new dream story.

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The Prismarine Lab

2015/2016 Adventure/Puzzle-Map 2 Player Coop 53.227 Downloads

The Prismarine Lab is our third room-based adventure and puzzle map and the second for two players as a coop adventure.

The map is located inside the ocean. The players start in a submarine and can swim inside a big cave full of water. The rooms are build out of prismarine.

You go down into the deep sea with a submarine to find the hidden research station under water. Once you enter the station, you want to find all the treasures. But there are many traps and puzzles in your way. Your knowledge and skills are demanded!

Download and Play now

The newest version is The Prismarine Lab 1.2 for Minecraft 1.8.

You can find the german version as "Die Forschungsstation unter Wasser" at the link.

Reviews and Recordings

This map was really fun to play. It also uses the multiplayer basics really well.
Great map! I really enjoyed playing it with my brother. The levels are very original and I can recommend this The Prismarine Lab to anyone who wants an enjoyable 2-player puzzle map. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to possible continuations!

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

A challenge with this map was that we are now under water.

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The Jungle Temple

2015/2016 Adventure/Puzzle-Map Singleplayer 7.375 Downloads

The Jungle Temple is a room-based adventure and puzzle map for singleplayer fun. Each room has a different puzzle or jump'n'run quest which the player has to solve right.

This map is located inside the deep jungle. The player can see the jungle buildings and sceneries around. Although the player is inside the rooms, there are often windows to look outside. The windows are not only for looking into the beautiful jungle but also to finde some clues.

Welcome to the Jungle Temple. In the temple are hidden treasures, which you want to loot. However, there are traps and puzzles set up everywhere, to make your life difficult. Watch out.

Download and Play now

The newest version is The Jungle Temple 1.2 for Minecraft 1.8.

You can find the german version as "Der Tempel im Dschungel" at the link.

Reviews and Recordings

Really a good map and I recommend it to my friends.
I did not have high expectations for this map. This style of map is way overused, but your map was great. I had a fun couple of hours playing and a few minutes guessing the PIN code for level 22, but this was the best map of this type that I have played in a long time. Thanks for making it!
Great map! Very well thought out and some very unique puzzles. Love the water puzzle! You could do a whole series of maps just like this one!

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

After having much success with our first map, we directly decided to build the next one. The main idea, 30 rooms, is the same. But this time we wanted to have a new setting and new build styles.

We decided to build a single player map, so all players who can't play together can also have some fun with our creations.

The first release was german only with the title "Der Tempel im Dschungel" and we enhanced the toolchain to translate the map.

A view from above of a very complex room. It contains 25 mini-rooms!

The commands and repeaters for the end sequence.

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The Ice Lab

2014/2015 Adventure/Puzzle-Map 2 Player Coop 10.743 Downloads

The Ice Lab is a room-based adventure and puzzle map for coop-based fun. Each room has a different puzzle or jump'n'run quest, which the players have to understand and to perform right. To do so a interaction between both players is important. They have to do things in right time or to talk to each other when in different parts of the room.

The map takes place in a laboratory in a world of snow and ice. As an player you get the chance to looks outside of the lab and see into this wonderful world. This creates a pleasant atmosphere and increases the desire to escape from the laboratory.

You are here in the ice laboratory of professor icy. His treasures which you want to loot are hidden in the whole laboratory. However, he has put up traps and puzzles. Take care of yourselves!

Download and Play now

The newest version is The Ice Lab 1.1 for Minecraft 1.8.

You can find the german version as "Das Labor im Eis" at the link.

Reviews and Recordings

This was our first map we every release and the response was so amazing. We read all the comments and watched all the YouTube recordings and were very proud to see all these people play our map, solve our puzzles and read our story. This was very cool.

What a nice surprise! We had alot of fun with my friend playing this map for YouTube. Really nice puzzles, some of them a bit hard to understand, but it wasn't a big problem. Thanks for the upload!
Really loved this map. Well be releasing the last two episodes soon. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you make more maps!
We had so much fun playing this map, so well thought out, if I could give stars it would most definitely be 5!

There are recordings on YouTube which have 400.000 viewers. This means a huge amount of people have seen our buildings and had fun while the players solved our puzzles. There is also a short animation clip, which was build on top of the recording.

Look behind

It's recommended to play this map first and then look into the images.

Look behind

After get to know all the nice maps by other Minecraft Builders and having so much fun with great community works, we wanted to do something similiar at our own. So we just started with opening a new world and started to build a first room.

At first we had no idea about the setting around the rooms, but then, after some minutes it started to snow! And in this moment the idea of the ice setting was born.

The first release of the map was german only with the title "Das Labor im Eis". To translate the map, we build a toolchain to read strings from the world savegame and replace these NBT data with translated strings.

Starting with Minecraft 1.7.2, there was no such thing like spectator mode. To get into a room, we had always to break blocks. To avoid this we had a big command block structure which places maintainance pressure plates, so we can move along all rooms without solving them.

Here you can see all the rooms from outside. It's all just walls which look cool from the inside, but the outside is unimportant. Also you can see some out-of-the-window scenery, just as enough blocks to have a good view from the inside and to not see some of the other rooms.

These are the command blocks for the elevator. Some lines are for closing and opening the doors with delay in between, and some for teleporting the cage up and down.

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